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Journey of the Bags

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Walking to the Market

The women that makeup Ubumwe walk to their local markets to pick out fabrics that will eventually make up the beautiful patterns of every IMWE bag. 

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Made to Order

Based on the success of previous bags, the quantities of each style are organized. 

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Putting it all together

Once the design, pattern, and quality for each type of bag are chosen, the women start sewing and putting together the bags themselves. 

Fruits of their Hard Work 

Money is sent from IMWE in the United States to pre-pay for the bags that will be sent, as well as all the profits made from the previous bags that were sold in the US. 


From Rwanda to the Us 

The bags are sent to Mercer University, where they are catalogued on the website for future sales. 

Into your hands

Whether sold online or at pop-up shops, these beautiful bags find their homes and support these women when they are purchased. 

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